NHS Prescription Charges


The NHS Prescription Charge from 1st May 2024 is £9.90 per item

  • NHS prescription charges are a tax collected for the Government in England.
  • The money collected does not help to fund this pharmacy and is unrelated to the cost of your medicine(s).
  • There is no NHS prescription tax in the devolved nations of Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Some items may have more than one charge, e.g. elastic hosiery. A member of the pharmacy team will explain if that is the case. If you need multiple prescription items or are prescribed certain HRT medicines, a Prescription Prepayment Certificate (PPC) could save you money. For more information visit:

Certain patient groups are entitled to free NHS prescriptions and certain items (e.g. contraceptives) are free-of-charge on the NHS. To check if you’re eligible for free NHS prescriptions, visit:

Published: Apr 29, 2024